Action Ability aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities into the community and to support the development of their natural abilities.

We support people from 12 years up with any disability.


Services we provide:

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One to One Befriending service

One to One Floating Support

Youth inclusion groups

Various creative arts opportunities

Healthy living initiatives

Social opportunities

Relaxation and well being

Self advocacy group

Carers information and support

General information/advice

IT skills


Independent Advocacy Service

Summer Schemes

Disability awareness training

Creative drama and music opportunities

Please use the contact form to ask for more information on groups available

Referrals can be made by self referring, social services, community and voluntary agencies, GPs.

General Referral Form Download (.zip)

Volunteer Opportunities

We offer:

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Teenage support service

Asperger's Youth Group

A range of adult services including art, IT days and evenings

1 to 1 Befriending (young people or adults)



Summer Scheme

We welcome all individuals aged 16 and over.

You will need:

To make an application and have an interview

2 satisfactory references

Pre employment check

To undertake compulsory training

Benefits of Volunteering:

Make a difference to the lives of disabled people and the community

Meet new people

Learn new skills and gain qualifications

Gain valuable experience and enjoyment

Receive practical training and support

Floating Support Service

We provide Floating Support for people form 18yrs up with a physical, sensory disability or long term health condition.

What is Floating Support?

Part of Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) Supporting People Programme. A flexible housing related service aimed at improving a person's quality of life and enable them to maintain their independence in their own home.

We provide

A free confidential outreach service in North, West (including Shankill) areas of Belfast.

We can provide support with:

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Changes to the physical environment


Finance and budgeting

Safety and security

Social opportunities

Life skills

Referrals can be made by self referring, social services, community and voluntary agencies, GPs.

Advocacy and Befriending

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy support is a flexible support service aimed at helping disabled people and their family/carers have a voice, to ensure equal rights and access to goods, services and opportunities

We can support you

⋄ If you feel you have been treated unfairly and need help to make a complaint

⋄ You need assistance in meeting with professionals and other people or agencies e.g. doctors, social workers, etc.

⋄ If you need someone to support to express your views and opinions

We provide these services in West (including Shankill) areas of Belfast.

What is Befriending?

Befriending is a one to one person centred service for disabled people who need support to access social opportunities in the community. The service is purchased by individuals though, direct payments, care packages or any other financial means available including private payments.

Our services includes, identifying a good match to the person's preference, recruitment of staff, co-ordination of service, management of staff and payroll.

Referrals can be made by self referring, social services, community and voluntary agencies GPs etc.

Employment Opportunities

Do you want to become a befriender?

See job description and application form

News and Events


Linda and Lisa, two partners in crime! Lisa used to attend some of our projects, and she wanted to have Linda as her befriender, the AAB Advocacy team helped support her to achieve the funding to do this, and since then they've never looked back! Secondly we have Cathy and Alistair! Alistair got in contact with AAB as he would like to have some support to get out and about more! Out of our team of befrienders, he chose Cathy, and since they’ve met they haven’t stopped gallivanting! Cheers to Linda, Lisa, Alistair and Cathy smile emoticon

24th February 2015




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